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    Anela Pranjić


    After graduating from high school, Anela Pranjić was employed in a hairdressing salon. She worked there for about five years and after having gained experience, she decided to start her own business. She rented a shop and contacted EKI for a loan, which helped her start her own hairdressing salon “AD”. In order to gain customers’ trust, she had to invest a lot of effort, be flexible and had to adapt to their needs, demands and personalities.

    She borrowed the second loan from EKI when she decided to purchase a shop for her hairdressing salon. She thinks it is wiser to be paying off the loan rather than renting a shop, as after you pay off the loan you will end up owning the shop and your business will be much better off. The revenue from the business is at a satisfying level, but she underlines that this line of business requires hard work and efforts and lots of overtime work. In addition to general and common hairdressing services she also offers hair extension service in her salon. Ms. Anela Pranjić currently has two employees and regular customers, while she keeps getting new customers per recommendation. She mainly advertises through Facebook.

    I am a member of EKI Business Club and I regularly receive a copy of EKI Newsletter. One can find many useful things in it, interesting articles and ads. The Newsletter is always on the display in my salon and my customers read it regularly“, Ms. Anela said.

    Anela’s motto in reference to work success is: order, work and discipline. Anela Pranjić has a message for all those who wish to start the same or similar business: it is important to be responsible and to deliver services of the best possible quality.

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