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    Association „BEBE” Trebinje


    The Association “BEBE” from Trebinje gathers families who have infertility-related issues. The association was founded in 2010 with the office seated in Trebinje and is the first association of this kind to be founded in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Association has 187 married couples as their members, coming from all municipalities in Eastern Herzegovina. They also have nine members handling all association’s activities on voluntary basis.

    The overall goal of the Association is to provide psychological and material help to families struggling with this problem, and they indeed unselfishly provide this kind of help. Their hard work and commitment led to braking the taboo of infertility as this became a publicly discussed topic through a series of educational events that they organized and through their fundraising action for the purchase of medical device (hysteroscope) for the Trebinje General Hospital. They were successful in their fight to get three free-of-charge in vitro fertilization procedures and their biggest success is reflected in 89 babies their members had.

    This association is a non-profit organization and the only way for them to survive is through donations. Thanks to those donations they manage to participate in medical treatments, purchase of medicaments for couples and rehabilitation of the treated couples.

    When we spoke to the director of the Association, Mrs. Snežana Misita, we found out that they are constantly faced with the problem of transport. Therefore, EKI Decided to provide them with a modest donation and thus take part in their fundraising project to collect funds for purchase of vehicle.

    Given the fact that this Association acts regionally, they frequently travel to neighboring cities to visit doctors who administer patients in other health care centers, and also in order to communicate with their members. The purchase of vehicle would help them to easily connect with other associations and clinics for in vitro fertilization (IVF), which are mainly located in major cities such as Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Belgrade, Prague, etc.

    We are pleased and honored to have participated in this project, which will hopefully contribute to more and more babies being born.

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