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    Association of parents of children with physical and psychological disabilities “Neven” Prnjavor is the institution that offers daily care of children with disabilities in the psycho-physical development of the age of 5-20 years. The institution started its operations in early 2013. Based on the findings and opinions of the expert commission, they offer day care services for children with disabilities. Children with cerebral paralysis, Down syndrome, epilepsy and so on are in the Association on a daily basis, and prior to opening of this Center the y were not included in any educational process. Also, the Center had beneficiaries who attend regular educational process, and in this Center they undergo physiotherapy treatment or workshops organized by professional associates of the Center. Currently their sources of funding are the budget of the Municipality of Prnjavor, as well as occasional donations and projects. The funding is not always regular.

    Bearing this in mind, EKI reacted and remitted to the account of the association with funds that will at least partly help these children and parents in handling their everyday concerns. The donated funds will be used for daily meals for members, for a certain period of time.

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