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    Azra Gavranović


    Azra Gavranović from Zenica has been successful in running her business in the „F&W Dalia“  shop of bridal dresses, gowns, and leather accessories. Mrs. Azra's husband used to be in the business of sale of textile products and hence he got his wife interested in this line of business that soon became their family-run business. Although they have strong competitors in their business, Mrs. Azra keeps her business results positive by following the trends and constantly investing in new and modern products of high quality. Since the very start of their business until nowadays, Mrs. Gavranović has been using EKI loans at times when she required additional funds for business investment. Besides the Gavranović spouses, the „F&W Dalia“ shops also hires three more employees, because on top of the sales, their shops offers sewing services, corrections, and manufacturing of the leather accessories. Mrs. Azra says that any business requires love and if possible it is best to keep the business within the family. She believes this to be the ley to her success. As a member of the EKI Business Club, she advertises the sales and services of the „F&W Dalia“ shop through the Club.

    „I am very satisfied with advertising through EKI Business Club, because this is an excellent way for successful realization of sales.“ – said Mrs. Gavranović.

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