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    Borka Stanišić-Cvijanović


    Mrs. Borka Stanišić-Cvijanović and her husband live in the village of Sižje, Lukavac Municipality. The two of them are engaged in various agricultural activities. Their primary filed of activities is cattle breeding, but they are also active in green-house production, fruits growing, bee keeping, they have pigs, chicken and turkeys. Additionally, they produce homemade vinegar and jam from crabapples and pears, that fall of the trees and rot in abandoned farms. As for their cattle breeding, they currently own 19 sheep that have lambed. Recently they owned 50 sheep, but they sold them out in fear of the sheep disease called “blue tongue”.

    Mrs. Borka hasn’t always lived in countryside but her family owned a  estate in countryside and she did not want the estate to remain unused so she returned to the countryside and got engaged in agriculture. Her husband is the only one who helps her and the income which they generate through agriculture ensures them with decent living standards. Mrs. Borka says that if one wants to be successful in their business they must primarily be hard-working and have willingness for such business. The Stanišić household had great help of loans in their growth of cattle fund. The latest loan which they borrowed was used to build a fence around their estate.

    Mrs. Borka has no problem with placing their products on the market. Their lambs and honey are mainly being sold in their own village. Few of their sales were made through ads in the EKI Newsletter, which they were very satisfied with. Through advertising in the EKI Newsletter they sold honey, hey, and locust stakes. They were also advertising in the EKI Newsletter when they were looking for a dog of ”tornjak” breed, but the seller was from Sokolac, and it was too expensive to travel so far to collect the dog. Mrs. Borka says that her favorite part if the EKI Newsletter is the Useful Tips section, but she also likes to read anything about agriculture, while her husband likes crosswords. The Stanišić-Cvijanović family appeals to all those who wish to become engaged in the same or similar line of business that the precondition for success is hard work and strong will.


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