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    Cultural Artistic Society “Brčansko kolo”


    The mission of the Cultural Artistic Society “Brčansko kolo” is to advance the culture of all nations and nationalities in BiH and abroad. They have five performing groups of all ages and have participated in numerous humanitarian concerts in Brčko District as performers and as hosts as well. Over the many years of their existence they have been awarded as the best folklore group at the state-level and international events, on several occasions. They won the Grand Prix award for the best choreography and costumes at the Festival in Kumanovo, Macedonia, while their member won the best folklore performer award at the Kumanovo Festival.

    The representatives of the “Brčansko kolo” addressed EKI with a request for donation of T-shirts for the members of their society to wear when travelling to participate in many festivals of folklore. EKI was happy to respond to this request and donated T-shirts with EKI logo. This way EKI will travel to various destinations, where the members of the “Brčansko kolo” will be presenting their marvelous folklore dances.

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