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    The Mutić family from Svodan near Novi Grad is engaged in an unusual and rare business: production of fishing material. They got this business idea from the huge love for fishing shared by the Mutić spouses. They started with manufacturing of floats, but they plan on expanding the line of products by introducing other accessories for this sport/hobby. Mrs. Željka and her husband are the only ones participating in manufacturing, and their business generates income that is sufficient to ensure normal living for their family. They say that the key to success lies in commitment of both spouses and their common desire to achieve the best possible quality of their products and be as competitive as possible. Thanks to EKI loans they managed to both start and improve their business. They have no problems with product placement as they sell to both individuals and to businesses. The message that Mr. And Mrs. Mutić have for all those wanting to engage in the same or similar business is that in case they need financial assistance for business investment, they should go to EKI.

    „We are members of the EKI Business Club, and the Newsletter comes as very useful for advertising of our products“, says Mrs. Željka Mutić.

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